The Workshop

It’s truly a delight to choose the brands we want to work with, so we picked the best machines to maintain our products – and your own equipment – clean and sharp.

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Our workshop is open to you for the maintenance of your equipment.


Our experienced technicians will be happy to share their expertise depending on the condition of your skis or snowboards, and will help to find back a smile on your rides with these 3 different offers:


Perfect for improving the slide of your equipment, in very good or excellent condition.
After buying new, we recommend waxing once a week.

Waxing will not be effective if the base is damaged or poorly maintained. Choose PAF or Total option depending on its general condition.

Prices : 15€ at the workshop and 20€ delivered


“Planéité / Affutage / Fartage”
Flatness / Sharpening / Waxing

Ideal for equipment in good condition with a few “light scratches” on the base, and rust spots or impacts on the edges.

Structure available on request.

Prices : 30€ / 40€


The solution for a complete overhaul of your equipment.

Hole(s) under the base? Don’t let water weaken the core.
This package includes overmolding, sanding, structure, sharpening and waxing.

Even better than brand new !

Prices : 45€ / 55€

We can also satisfy your special requests on demand.

Sanding and structuring

The combined structure/polish action

With this, we can polish down and flatten your base, and if necessary, to take off the excess polyethylene injected to fill any holes.

We can also print one of the many structures available, which will make it easier to evacuate water from under your skis.

Ceramic sharpening

The ceramic sharpener enables us to work with precision on a blade’s angle (lateral and inferior).

So we provide a flawless cut, and a fear-free feeling on the icy part of the slopes.


When waxing, we refill the bases with hydrophobic material, which, when in contact with the snow, melt the crystals into water.

Skis glides on water, like aquaplaning and just like your car’s tyres. The base’s structure will help to evacuate the water.

Ready for an epic ride ?